Kaashi Arts


Kaashi Arts is an organisation dedicated to providing a platform for India's music to be displayed internationally. It is unique in that in creates media for online platforms to democratise the music and engage younger generations. We partnered with Kaashi Arts to make these films in 2016. 

Background (Kaashi Arts Facebook)
Kaashi is the ancient name for the holy city of Benares (Varanasi) located in North Eastern India. It is a place where great intellectuals, spiritualists, musicians, artists, poets and thinkers developed their works, some thousands of years ago, that still hold relevance today.

India is of course home to the city of Benares and to many other sources of rich history. Known for its complex society, its deep spiritual roots, its contradictions, its riches, its poverty, its food, its beautiful landscape and its bright white smiles it is truly a unique place on our wonderful planet.